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4 reasons that would make you LOVE exercise

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Somewhere in the back of our minds, we all have a perfect image of how we want our bodies to look like and we keep dreaming of a magic pill or some sort of witch spell to give us the body we want. FLASHING NEWS: The magic pill is definitely exercise, here is why:


1. It reveals the Einstein in you

When you exercise, you release stress so you feel better. Your mental state is better so you think better and you perform your tasks better. Your mind is clear and performs its functions perfectly.


2. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

When you exercise continuously, you get fitter and you may even shred some weight if you follow a low-cal balanced diet with your exercise regimen. You look better, your mood is boosted, and you feel better about yourself. This boosts your confidence and may even change your social behavior.


3. It makes you leaner and greener.

When you exercise, your level of endurance is better and you your flexibility and agility are improved. Your bones get healthier and stronger which make performing any physical activity easier to do. It also improves your appetite and makes you crave healthy foods so you can keep the shape you want.


4. It Charges you up

Contrary to what you’ve probably been hearing, exercise does not kill your energy, it boosts your energy and makes you more control of your energy level. If you want to kick off your work schedule, you can go for a morning jog to get your brain functioning better and energy boosted. You will also sleep better once you head to bed for your beauty sleep.



Coach tips:

  • The first five minutes of your routine should be the warm up. Start off slowly, so that you allow your muscles to warm up.
  • When you wish to complete the exercise routine, gradually slow your pace and end with light stretching. This will help lower your heart rate, improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of stiffness and injury.



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