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Tuna Sandwich

Calories: 400 Kcal

Preparation Time

Preparation: 30 min


Serving: 1


Complexity: Easy


    1 tuna tin

    2-4 Lettuce leaves

    1 Tomatoes sliced

    ¼ cup of sliced /cubed Colored peppers

    1 big spoon of Light Mayonnaise

    1 Nestlé Zero Fat Yoghurt

    1 small spoon of Mustard

    2 slices of Brown Toast


    1. Making light mayo: add the light mayonnaise spoon and mustard, to the Nestle Yogurt
    2. Add the Tuna & the Colored peppers
    3. Spread the toast and add lettuce and tomato sliced
    4. Stuffing Sandwich with the tuna mix & assembly


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