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Solutions for your daily struggle with your kids and veggies

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If you’re a parent, one of the nightmares you probably face every day is your child eating vegetables. You know your child needs them for growth but at the same time you face the risk of your child running away from you every time it’s time for food. So how do you get your child to befriend vegetables?


1. Lead by example.

In order for you to make your child love vegetables, you need to love them first and if you don't, fake it till you make it! Make it a personal goal to increase your own vegetable intake each week, specially when you're eating around your children.


2. Give them the power.

Give your children the space to choose. Taking them along with you to the grocery store will make them feel free to choose. The more they are involved, the more they will get used to choosing their favorite veggies.


3. The variety is all they need.

Presenting several varieties in the beginning will help you monitor what they do and do not like about vegetables. Knowing what they like can guide you to other veggies that they haven’t tried before.


4. Bedtime? Story time!

Read stories that include veggies in them; this will let them become more familiar with some veggies and may create the curiosity of trying them. Try to make the hero of the story a vegetables-lover to encourage them to become like him.


5. Show off.

Display vegetables in a fun way. Kids love having fun and colorful food. Cutting a veggie like a wheel will make it more fun to eat than cutting them to squares. Try making faces on their plats, using different shapes of veggies as well.


6. Eat like you’re in a restaurant.

Making a colorful menu to choose from may get some children more excited to eat veggies. They will enjoy the freedom and the process of choosing from a menu.


7. Be sneaky!

If your child keeps refusing some veggies, being sneaky may be accepted. Choose the veggies they don’t like and put them into a food processor, then add them to any of their favorite meals. Try not to add too much of it, so as not to change the taste of their meal.


8. Make rules!

Trying the one bite rule can be a good choice with some kids. Even if they do not like it, they must have one bite. If they did not like it, then they can stop eating. Sometimes kids will actually like the food once they taste it. Doing this may surprise you with how many different foods your kids will actually eat.


Finally, always remember that you need to do some effort to succeed in something. Try as much tricks as you can from the ones you read. Don’t give up and your child may eventually come through.

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