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Sugar cravings no more in 6 simple solutions


No matter how strong you are, there’s one particular food that you just can’t resist, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Desserts and sweets are probably a weapon your enemies can use against you. Who can resist sweets anyway? Well, with the following tricks YOU can:    


1. Replace cake with a fruit

Eat bananas as a good replacement when you feel the desire to eat raid your house for chocolate. Bananas raise serotonin, a hormone which gives you the sense of satisfaction without breaking the calorie bank. You may choose any other kind of fresh or dried fruits, which will help you get your sugar needs from natural food sources


2. Have a steak.

There is research showing that the urging desire for sweets is the way our bodies express our need to get proteins. So make sure to have 2-3 portions of proteins daily; each portion may equal the size of your palm. (read more about servings here)


3. Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé Yogurt

When you’re craving something sweet, you can replace the high-calories dessert with a cup of Nestlé fruit Yogurt. It will give you an efficient amount of sugar coming from the natural fruits added to it yet keep your calories in check. Because yogurt is high in protein, it will also slow down the release of sugar into your bloodstream.


4. Don’t dry yourself out.

You must avoid complete deprivation of sweets. Trust us, it won’t help. You should choose healthy low-sugar sweets and confectioneries. You may even eat fruits dipped in small amounts of dark melted chocolate every once in a while. Remember, it is all about balance in order not to burn out.


5. Be Happy.

The more anxiety, stress and loneliness you feel, the more your desire for eating confectioneries increases. Accordingly, you should avoid such situations and feelings through relaxation or exercises or hanging out with friends. Find what makes you happy and go for it. (Read more about Happy foods here)


6.Don’t go big.

Whenever you go shopping, avoid buying large amounts of sweets, because having them available around makes it easier to eat them when you feel the desire for sugars. Better yet, avoid having too indulgent foods in the house altogether and save the indulgence for when you go out only.


We can’t promise you that those tricks will always work because every once in a while momma needs some unhealthy sugars. It’s okay, we totally understand. Just enjoy your guilty pleasures every once in a while and avoid eating sugars at night, instead have them in the morning so you can burn them off in your daily activities.

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