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Take the stress out of going to the gym

Take the stress out of going to the gym

Is getting the perfect body your every new year’s resolution? then suddenly it’s November and you still didn’t even join a gym? Finding the right gym is a part of the hassle. Understanding the following factors will help you secure a lasting relationship with the gym:


1. Location

Let’s be honest, if going to the gym already consumes your energy, would you do that killer workout you wanted to do when you finally get to the gym? The answer is NO. This is why location convenience is a deal breaker to many people. No matter how much you love your gym, if it kills your nerves to get there every day, you won’t be going as often as you should. Find a gym that’s close to where you live or one that is close to where you work, so that going to the gym will be “on your way” instead of it being a nerve wrecking “chore” that you wish you didn’t have to do.


2. Company

The people you work out with are as important as the place you work out at. Do you want an all unisex or all men’s or women’s gym? do you prefer a huge chain gym that has tons of people and gym instructors or is walking in a place full of athletic gods isn’t your idea of a good time and you’d prefer a small select intimate group?

Every choice you make has its pros and cons but the key in finding the right gym for you is knowing YOUR needs and checking which facility best matches those needs. Click here to take our “What’s the right gym for you” Quiz and find out where you should work out based on your needs.


Choosing the right gym is somehow like finding your life partner. It is an important decision yet takes a long time and gets on your nerves. The following quiz will help you understand the type of gym that is right for you:



1. When choosing a gym, the most important thing to me is…

(A) variety of classes and equipment… The more, the better

(B) Personalized attention in the form of Personal Trainers because I have no idea where to start and want someone to tell me

(C) Are there going to be lots of other men or women there? I hate a gym where I am the only guy/girl in a room full of the opposite sex

(D) A great steam room. Is there anything else more important than a great SPA??

(E) Ohh…the distance… How far away did you say it was??



2. I like a gym that has…

(A) Really flexible hours… Do you have any idea how crazy my schedule is?

(B) Great trainers. I find training a lot easier when someone else does the thinking, and I just follow the lead…

(C) Not too many, or any, people of the opposite sex

(D) Trendy classes… to great music!! I want to try everything from AEROBICS to YOGA!!

(E) A family-like atmosphere…seeing the same buddies every day makes me feel most comfortable


3. When choosing a gym, the least important thing is…

(A) Not that many people. I like being in the crowd, many people are kind of motivating

(B) A huge facility. The more intimate the better for me.

(C) A variety of people to choose from for a date on Friday night. The gym is about training, not picking up a date or flirting at the juice bar

(D) The price. You get what you pay for, right?

(E) Variety of classes, machines etc. Who cares? As long as it is convenient, I go there



4. If you had to choose one thing a gym must have it would be...

(A) A place with great energy, along with several different locations around town

(B) Professional Personal Trainers… I can't imagine training any other way

(C) A non-judgmental, very laid back environment…I am going to the gym, not to a fashion show

(D) A very capable and accommodating staff and service… I like to feel like my wish is their command. Or at least that if I ask for something, it gets done.

(E) A way for me to know that I don't have to go far, and that there would be no reason why I couldn't train because of inconvenience



5. Now think carefully… In your life, you feel the most comfortable when…

(A) There are several options to choose from… You hate to feel limited, or like your life is becoming monotonous in any way

(B) Someone else is taking the reins. You like having someone to guide you

(C) If you are a guy, around your guy friends, male bonding! If you are a girl, around your girlfriends, men just don't get it

(D) Being well taken care of, maybe even a little pampered. You deserve it

(E) At my house, apartment, office, or any place that is familiar



You chose mostly A's: You are a big chain gym person.

You are a busy person with a hectic schedule, convenience is what matters most to you. You want a gym that’s got many branches in different locations. You appreciate variety: you want a gym where you can lift weights, join a crossfit class, and finish off by going to the steam room. You are not intimidated by those gym gods, on the contrary, you find them motivating and you love watching them and look at the energy of a sweating crowd.



You chose mostly B's: You need a personal training facility.

You are no gym expert and you need a QUALIFIED trainer to tell you what to do and keep you motivated. A one-to-one session helps you bring out your “Hulk” mode. You don’t care about a gym’s “big name” and you’d rather go to a small, intimate setting where you get the attention you need. Make sure your trainer is qualified not an anorexic or overweight freak wearing a polo with a trainer print.



You chose mostly C's: You are a women/men only gym person.

You find your comfort around people from the same gender. You like your sweating, not so attractive moments to be hidden from the opposite sex.



You chose mostly D's- You are a high-end gym person

“If everybody is doing it, then so will I” – You love taking the newest, trendiest classes. Basic classic aerobics class isn’t for you, you are a cross-fit, Zumba or kickboxing person. The SPA is as important to you as the gym itself. If you won’t get the pampering you deserve, then why go in the first place?



You chose mostly E's- you are a close-by gym person

The most important factor to you is the location. If there’s no gym around the corner, you will bring the gym to your home but you won’t drive an extra mile after you’ve been at work all day.


When you make a decision, make sure you take your time in testing the gym you chose. Ask for a tour or a free trial session before you make the commitment and don’t let sales people intimidate you. Once you find the most comfortable gym facility to you, you’ve got yourself an energizing life companion.


Finding the right gym will transform the relationship from a “have to do” relationship to a “comfort zone” relationship

In addition to exercising, nutrition is an important factor in achieving your perfect body. Check our article on basic nutrition guidelines to get the best nutrition along with your gym routine.

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