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Your Mood Boosting Short Guide


With the ups and downs of life, there goes our mood as well. One minute you’re happy the other, you’re crying over a spilled spoon of rice. Do you know that this is because of your eating attitude? A proper diet isn’t just for weight control, it also helps you overcome stress and elevates your mood. Here are some guidelines for a happy mood:


1. Don't skip breakfast.

In the mornings, the brain doesn't have any fuel. That's why we are usually sensitive and cranky. The right combination is carbohydrates, proteins, and dairy. (Read more about how to have a healthy breakfast here)


2. Watch your caffeine intake.

Having one or two cups of coffee a day (preferably in the morning) is great for you (find out why). More than that will cause heart palpitations, uneasiness and may lead to insomnia. Cola, tea and chocolate also contain caffeine, so cut down on them too.


3. Eat fruit instead of sweets.

Sweets give you a quick boost of energy, but then your blood sugar levels drop and so does your mood. Fruits are better because they are turned into energy slowly by the body without upsetting your blood sugar balance.


4. Avoid overeating.

It makes your brain sluggish, because after a large meal, your blood is diverted from the brain to the digestive tract. Eat four to six small meals a day, including snacks to keep your energy level constant.


5. Get plenty of vitamins and minerals.

The most important anti-stress minerals are calcium (dairy products and green vegetables) and magnesium (nuts, leafy green vegetables, beans, and sunflower seeds). For the production of the "happy chemical" serotonin, make sure to have vitamin B6 and folic acid (meat, fish, bran and dark green vegetables).


Now that you know how to get a happy mood, don’t you wanna know the secret behind it?

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