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Increase Your Fruity Benefits


Fruits, also known as nature’s favorite candy, are perhaps the most eye-catching food because of their variety of colors and shapes. Besides the attractiveness they show at first glance, they are part of the food group with higher amount of nutrients and natural ingredients that are highly beneficial to health, let me introduce you to the fruits others faces:



Fruit is a by-word for health. They are made of nutrients that are extremely important for our health. They are strong providers of vitamins of all groups, fiber, healthy fats, minerals, and carbs of easy absorption. These components are very important in providing our bodies with energy we need to function well.



Fruits are natural antioxidants. They protect us against free radicals, which cause the aging process and cell diseases. If we stop and think, we will find that most of fruits and vegetables survive in the open, facing all kind of weather conditions and assaults. This is possible thanks to the natural protective and antioxidant substances that they have.



It is very important for our body’s wellness to stay hydrated in all times. Water is essential to our main functions: we need 8 cups of it per day and fruits do help us to keep our water needs in check. 100 g of fruit= 0.8-0.9 litre of water. The caloric value of fruits is very low compared to other foods, but it keeps you covered in terms of water, vitamins and minerals.


DAILY NEEDS: The recommended daily serving of fruits is 2 to 4 portions, whether in shakes or whole. Read more about the recommended daily servings of food here.


We absolutely benefit from all those vitamins and nutrients in fruits. We fill our whole body with life when we eat fruits every day.





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