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The Best Stress-Free Way to get fit



Exercise does not have to be intense routines at the gym or long hours of sports practicing. Exercise can be as simple as taking a walk. You can walk around your home while you pick up some groceries, walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or even walk on a treadmill while watching your favorite TV show.



How to know you’re doing it right?

You know you’re walking fast enough when:

  • Your heart is beating faster than normal, but isn’t racing.
  • Your breathing is deeper than usual, but you can still talk properly
  • You experience a warm, glowing feeling.


No matter how fast you go, you’ll be doing your body good. The key is to start slow until you are comfortable enough with the walking routine. However, once you get into a routine, you should try to pick up the pace. Walking briskly makes a bigger impact.


The Healthy 10- Week Walking Plan:





Week 1

Two 10-minutes walks

3 days a week.

Weeks 2-3

Two 15-minutes walks

4 days a week.

Weeks 5 to 9

One 30-minutes increased pace walk.

5 times a week.

Week 10+

Walk briskly for 45 minutes

Five days a week.



Walking has got so many benefits beyond just weight control:


It reduces your risk of anxiety, arthritis, stress\strokes\diabetes, cholesterol level, elevation, osteoporosis, bowel cancer, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's disease, and coronary heart disease. It also improves stamina, energy levels, and life expectancy. In short, walking makes you live healthier and look better. Start now to look better sooner!



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