The ONE meal you must eat to lose weight


FACT: Trying to keep your weight under control can make you go crazy! You try to do everything right and keep your calories in count but there’s still no progress! The reason is: you did NOT love your breakfast enough. The following are reasons why you need to eat breakfast to be successful in your weight loss journey:


1. Eat more now, for less later.

When you miss breakfast, it leads to slowing the metabolism of the body as well as decreasing the blood sugar levels, therefore, you feel very hungry after couple of hours; and your body’s energy and vitality starts to decrease. This pushes you either to eat any available food that is often of high-fat content like sweets, or to eat large amounts of food in lunch and dinner. In short, skipping breakfast means you are setting yourself up for failure the rest of the day.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Have a healthy breakfast and enrich your body with essential nutrients, you will feel satisfied and full and this will reduce your hunger for food for the rest of the day.  


2. Breakfast closes the storage room.

When you wake up, your body is in its highest need for energy and therefore searches for food immediately. If you don’t eat, your body feels danger coming its way and it will start storing food in the form of fats to protect itself from food shortages.


3. Breakfast starts the race.

When you eat breakfast, your body’s functions are extremely energetic and use the food you eat all day for energy so you can perform your activities perfectly. It loses the calories in a simple in-out process which makes you burn calories easier.

PRO TIP: To have an effective breakfast meal that helps you to get rid of your body’s excessive weight; your breakfast meal should contain the protein that helps you to feel full, in addition to carbohydrates that give you energy.


Proteins such as; low-fat or skimmed milk, milk derivatives, hard-boiled eggs, or sliced ​​turkey mild fat.

Carbohydrates that are slowly digested and dietary fiber like; cereals made of whole grains like Nestlé Fitness, wheat bread or fruits, as it helps you to feel full, without overstuffing your body with fats.

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