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CERELAC® Fruit Pieces with Wheat and Milk

CERELAC® `Fruit Pieces with Wheat and Milk

CERELAC® Fruit Pieces with Wheat and Milk

    CERELAC® ` Fruits pieces with Wheat & Milk,  a meal full of nutritious vitamins & Probiotics to meet your baby's growing needs.

    Added Taste & Texture :
    At 8 months of age , CERELAC® ` provides your baby with further added  texture to the meal with added natural fruit pieces. This helps your baby develop better motor skills for chewing.
    CERELAC® ` added fruits are  natural with no preservatives added.


    Preparation Method:

    1. Place 9 tablespoons of CERELAC® ` powder in a bowl (50g)
    2. Slowly add previously boiled water that has reach warm room temperature (150 ml)
    3. Continue stirring slowly until CERELAC® ` reaches the consistency suitable for your baby


    Important Notice
    The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breast-feeding for the first 6 months. Consult your doctor for advice on when to introduce complementary foods to your baby. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible after introduction of complementary foods.

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CERELAC® `Fruit Pieces with Wheat and Milk
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