NIDO® Fortigrow TM - Strawberry flavor

NIDO® Fortigrow TM - Strawberry flavor

NIDO® Fortigrow TM - Strawberry flavor

    As a mum it is important that your child reaches his full potential. To achieve this it’s necessary for them to learn well in school, guard against diseases and grow up strong.  NIDO® Fortigrow TM is the perfect partner that will help your child achieve all this.

    Give your child the right nutrition during his school age with 2 Ready to drink NIDO® Fortigrow TM a day. One in there launch box before going to school and the second  before going to bed.

    Nestlé believes in the importance of breastfeeding and supports the WHO code recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding first 6 months of life and continuation up to 2 years

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