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Fish Dish

Calories: 560 Kcal

Cooking Time

Cooking: 30 min


Complexity: Easy


    250g Fish fillet: sea bass or any white fish fillet

    ½ cup of Broccoli cubes

    ¼  cup Carrots cubes (baby if possible)

    ¼  cup Zucchini cubes

    Juice of 2 Lemon

    2 big spoon of shopped Parsley

    1 big spoon of minced Garlic

    3 big spoon of  Olive oil

    Salt & pepper


    1. Season fish with salt and pepper
    2. Add 2 spoons of olive oil to a pan and then add the fish.
    3. Cook on both sides for 2 minutes
    4. Remove the fish and In the same pan toss the veggies & cook for a 1-2 minutes
    5. Place the veggies on plate next to fish filet
    6. To Make sauce , in the same pan, add 1 spoon of olive oil, the minced garlic, the lemon and the parsley , stir for a minute then serve on top of the fish


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