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When we’re ready to start our fitness journey, we instantly picture ourselves running up the hills and sweating our way to the perfect body. But 15 minutes into the workout, SURPRISE YOU CAN’T WALK ANYMORE. Your muscles need to walk before you force them to run! Here are tips to help you train correctly:


1-    Go low.

Your warm-up exercises should include repetitive activities done with low intensity like walking, light cycling, or stair climbing. Before you begin your fitness regime, it is likely that your muscles were at rest and need an increased supply of blood to make them less injury prone.


2-    Go light

You should not jog or use heavy weights when you are in warm-up mode, since your joints have not been prepared to absorb the shock of the body landing on the firm surface material nor have they been prepared to bear a heavy load. With a proper warm-up you will notice that your body temperature increases, so does the flexibility of your muscles and ligaments.



  • Leave advanced stretching for the super athletes or the yoga classes.
  • After stretching one major muscle or a specific group of muscles, you should stretch the offsetting muscles. (Biceps and Triceps are offsetting muscles, when you stretch the biceps you must stretch the triceps as well.)
  • Stretch the front muscles of your thighs before stretching your hamstrings.
  • Remember to keep your neck and backbone in a straight line.
  • Overstretching places too much tension on a muscle group and can lead to injury.
  • Do not stretch injured or aching muscles.
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